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The nice thing about #2 is that if you are working on a file, your half baked changes are not uploaded until you are done editing. It kind of depends on what the uploaded files represent. I guess if someone needs the css and image folders locally available for the web preview to work, then you would need to download those files too. Since editing on the iPad is usually open to distractions and missteps, I would not want to automatically upload, ever.

Also #2 could be done for single files using UIDocumentinteractioncontroller in a few lines of code.

I think (or rather know) that it is absolutely crazy for 10 different editing applications to all have custom code in them to talk to DropBox, iDisk, etc. In the end it will create a user nightmare, as for instance all the web dav interfaces will be slightly different from Pages to Textastic, etc. I would rather that Alex spend time on writing you know - the EDITOR, instead of 12 different export/import methods.