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Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago in General • updated by Marsh Poulson IV 4 years ago 1

Missing Entries

1.  Usings, as well as corresponding assemblies

2.  class, as well as default snippets, such as ctor and #region (need these badly)

(feature request copied from email by Jon Edlund)

Diego Barros 4 years ago in General • updated 4 years ago 4

It would be nice to be able to use Textastic to read source code from GitHub projects. Either live online, or better yet, be able to download the source code from a project to your iOS device.

Maurizio Manuguerra 5 years ago in General • updated by Rostislav Raykov 4 years ago 2

That would make sync painless for both the devs and the users.

Dossjb 1 year ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 1 year ago 5

It would be great to be able to upload a file from another device to the Textastic App directly using the WebDAV server. FTP On The Go Pro has this feature but Textastic is a way better editor.




This is already possible if both devices are in the same Wifi network:

  • on device A, start Textastic's WebDAV server: https://www.textasticapp.com/v6/manual/lessons/Starting_the_WebDAV-Server.html
  • on device B, use Textastic's WebDAV client to connect to the WebDAV server on device A:
    • tap on the file transfer button (globe icon)
    • tap on the "+" button and choose "WebDAV Connection"
    • enter the WebDAV url of device A and enter the user name and password
    • tap Done
    • connect to the WebDAV server and navigate to the target folder
    • select the local files you want to upload
    • tap the Upload button

I hope this helps

John G 1 year ago in General 0

Have the ability to select multiple parts of the document and edit it at the same time. Similar to a feature sublime text editor has.

Tom Auger 4 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 months ago 8
My biggest beef with most of the code editors out there is the lack of console logging and error reporting. Correct me if I'm wrong, somebody, but Firebug Lite just doesn't cut it when dealing with JS errors - you know, syntax errors, illegal tokens, undeclared variables, attempting to call a method on an undefined object (a pretty common error), etc.... All the javascript errors that Firebug or Chrome would normally catch on a desktop just aren't caught with FB Lite.

This app needs more robust, built-in error reporting beyond linking in an external library that is, itself, powered by Javascript and so presumably dies as soon as an actual JS error is thrown. What's the point of that? Coffeescript has a pretty robust error logger, and CodePad has a mediocre one, but at least they'll catch the errors in the following, whereas Textastic with Firebug Lite just does nothing at all. You're in good (bad) company: Koder and Kodiac both suffer from the same disease. See the error-ridden code below:

fffx(); // undefined function 
ggg.h() test $< // method on undefined function and then illegal tokens

Not to appear completely negative,the Navigator is epic, and your options for file interchange are best in class.

Just really surprised that you can't really use this app for JS development, since there's no way to report JavaScript errors. Am I mistaken?

Textastic 6.3 adds a new JavaScript console that can show errors in your JavaScript code and allows you to log custom messages using the JavaScript Console object (for example by calling the console.log() method).

Fabrice Moulin 5 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 1
Export markdown on pdf with sole personal css, And this soft Will perfect for me
Pedro Brandao 5 years ago in General • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 1

Oftentimes you want to use a previously used regular expression; other times you might have been working on a complex regular expression and want to go back working on it; or perhaps you were searching for specific phrases and the app crashed before you could find what you wanted.  For these (and doubtless other) reasons, it would be very useful to have a history on the search and search/replace text fields.

wolf71 3 years ago in General 0
let user can search all or subdir local storage files. 
Under review
Maurice Zoliker 3 years ago in General • updated by Colin Wirt 2 years ago 7

I think it would be very clever to add the possibility to "save" in local files a link to an external file opened with iCloud Drive.

Using "Recent files" is a temporary fix, but having symlink-like entries in Textastic's local files (maybe with some sort of icon or different color) would clearly help me not to constantly reopen the same files from my repositories stored in Working Copy (via "Open...").

And if the file no longer exists, just display a popup and remove the link.

What do you think of this? Am I missing an obvious solution?

Thank you for your response.

Kind regards,