teddyalf 5 months ago • updated by Peter Anderson yesterday at 9:40 p.m. 2


Is there a way to preview and then export as html/pdf a mk file?


There is currently no built-in Markdown preview in Textastic for Mac, but the app works great with Marked 2: http://marked2app.com

Just drag the file icon from Textastic window title bar onto Marked 2's Dock icon to preview it.

Marked 2 is a nice MultiMarkdown file viewer but it has a really annoying habit of opening every file TWICE! I have reported this several times and it seems this has been an issue for several years. The developer's response is "I can't replicate this problem (so by inference it does not exist)!"

I am using MultiMarkdown Composer and ByWord.

It would be really nice if the macOS version of Textastic could preview Markdown files like the iOS version.