SSH Terminal

Ben Allfree 6 years ago • updated by Дмитрий Иванов 5 months ago 6 2 duplicates
Now that SFTP support is built in, the only thing missing for my daily workflow is an SSH terminal. SFTP+Terminal are the features I use in Coda and it's very nice to have an integrated SSH terminal (or more than one) as tabs along with the open files.

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+1 ! 
Just suggested the same. Terminal is what we need to get the perfect dev tool for compiled languages.

Agreed. I'm debating between this app and diet coda. Honestly, the only other thing I'd want out of this app is SSH support, and out of diet coda is Java syntax hilighting. Whichever gets their respective feature first wins my money :)

A built-in terminal, supporting ssh, would dramatically increase the usefulness of Textastic for me. I want to jump to a terminal to execute scripts that I just modified, or to start a build with newly edited source files. Right now, I jump between Textastic and my favorite ssh terminal app, which is a pain.
textastic is absolutely awesome otherwise. :-)
I went to Koder app for this, but I came back because of the poor quality of the app.
Make this a in-app purchase feature, and I would buy it in a flash.

It would be nice to have a pop-up sized terminal that is kept alive all the time.

I'd love this feature. I came to Textastic from Coda because Textastic has a way nicer interface and way fewer bugs. Coda's SSH terminal was nice though. I'll be using Prompt for this, switching back and forth.


Add terminal, please! And Textastic would be the best code  editor!