Import pictures from the "Photos" app

Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago • updated 5 years ago 13 5 duplicates
Currently it's not possible to use pictures from the Photos app in Textastic. This would be nice to have when you want to use a picture in a html file.

Allow the user to copy media from the photos app to Textastic.


The next version will allow you to import pictures from the Photo library.

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Just the ability to view images would be awesome.
+1. So far, the only way I can see to do this is to email it to myself and then import it from email, but my email app isn't showing the open with dialog for the photo ... so I'm back to square 1.

I think I'm going to have to put it on my computer and upload it from there. Can't find any workaround that I can do from the iPad itself...
The Dropbox iPad app can upload images from the camera roll to your Dropbox account. You could then access your Dropbox account from within Textastic.

You'd probably still need to edit your image (resize, crop or whatever) somehow though.
Workaround: DROPBOX!
It can upload files from photos, then Textastic can download from dropbox and re-up to the (S)FTP server.
Second Workaround: GOODREADER! :D
1. import the photo in goodreader
2. upload the photo in goodreader
3. download the photo in textastic
requirement: one of the servers supported by textastic and goodreader (ftp,sftp,dav...)
An welcher Stelle wäre diese Option am besten in der App unterzubringen?
Vielleicht da wo das Plus ist zum erstellen neuer Dateien, daneben vielleicht noch ein Fotosymbol oder auch auf dem Plus und dann kann man dort irgendwie Fotos importieren.
+1 - ist schon ne weile her hier, aber dieses feature wäre genial!
I agree! This would be an extremely useful feature!
Acctually I wouldn't access this feautre at the plus file, cause you are not creating a new file. What I would do, tap the world button, where you can transfer files, and this is what it is:
below (or above) all ftp, dropbox etc. connections, I would have an build in entry "photo library". Tapping on it does not give you a list of the filenames, but a nice thumbnail preview of all your fotoalbums. In the UI Kit, there is a very simple UIImagePickerController, where you can even crop and resize images. After selecting the pictures you want the download button now says "import". On the left window, the "upload" button changes to "save to camera roll", when selecting pictures, or just grays out. But all over this would help a lot.
That's an interesting alternative. The "save to camera roll" function is a good reason to do it that way - although I'd have to find a shorter button title...
Well, you can call it "export" if you want. ;) or simply "save".
The next version will allow you to import pictures from the Photo library.